Cella's Comic(al) Journaling

Applying for jobs.


That philosophical moment after watching the movie "Arrival".

Splitting Ends.

Sometimes I feel nostalgic for life at college/university... and then I reread this doodle I did after my first week back for my final semester.

People sharing their opinion on the internet.


Sleeping is hard with ADHD.

True story.

Dating and overthinking go hand-in-hand.

Familiar faces can brighten a dreary day in an instant.

Gotta stay positive, though!

Still BFFs today.

To be honest, I don't remember this one.

The life of a drawer.

Rochester, NY be like-

I can't think that far ahead.

When you're young and you veil at Mass, sometimes strangers approach you with unsolicited comments.

I don't have Verizon anymore.

The life of a picture-framer.

Spousal debates.

Late for class.

A poem.

Pandemic 2020.

LDR meet-up.



After Shower Vocals.

Job application in the wee hours of the night.

I'm not sure what prompted me to draw this but it definitely happened.

I lived in a house with no working heat for an entire winter. It was rough.

Advent prayer time in an LDR.

When the BFF gets married it's time to party!

My bedroom when I lived in Cheverly, MD.

I like sweaters that swallow you.

I have four younger brothers.

LDR dates.



This has been on my mind since I was 14 years old.


When I turned 22.

The "what should I wear today" stance.

High school halloween costumes.

Hair chop!

Baked goods are good.

No, I'm not a rad-trad.

Emotional executive dysfunction.

An ingredients household.

Arm/Shoulder/Neck pain that just won't go away.

Seasonal allergies all year round, baby!

Baking together means also snacking together.

Nilla wafers are my weakness.

I almost had an asthma attack in this weather.

Rainy weather is cuddle weather.

You know, like the Tranky Doo? Anyway, I graduated.

Excuse me, for once I was planning ahead and You do this??


Every so often, Cella will capture a moment in her life in a loosely-drawn comic. While this collection of doodles may not be up to her high standard of illustration, it is her cathartic way of keeping a good sense of humor when things go wrong. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense and that’s okay!