Season's Greetings! Baby Jesus is the Christmas Candle in this Advent Wreath

“Our Mother’s Gentle Kiss” Mother’s day card.

St. Valentine card 2018 landed the same day as Ash Wednesday so to remind us of our mortality I painted St. Valentine’s skull to share with your loved ones.

Easter was on April Fool’s day this year! So I designed a card in Photoshop.

Baptism card.

A goodbye for all your favorite Cat-holics! Initially created for a coworker who moved away.

UFO Birthday Card

Thank you card made for a friend. Watercolor, Gouache.

Created for the feast day of the Assumption, August 15.

St. Joachim and St. Ann are often portrayed in religious artwork sharing a kiss. Card was created for multiple occasions, such as grandparent’s day or Valentine’s day.

When you’re missing somebody you should send them this.

Our Lady of Sorrows deeply empathizes. Card for grief and mourning.

St. Elizabeth and Mary greeting one another. Mother’s day card, celebrating women in your life card.

Our Mother Earth

Crucifix in Prayer Garden - Sympathy Card (blank)