Greeting Cards

Never satisfied with greeting cards she’d find in stores, she has always made her own! Cella also holds snail mail in a special place in her heart because she and her spouse were pen pals for a few years before they were engaged.

Lazy mermaid just thinking of you card - created with pen and ink, text added in Adobe Photoshop.

Thank You card created with watercolor and gouache.

A mother's day thank you card.

"I miss your face" created in watercolor and gouache.

A goodbye for all your favorite Cat-holics!

A birthday card for a friend or family member of any age with a good sense of humor. The inside of this card reads "Well, for you. Happy Birthday!"

A humorous Easter card with a subtle reminder of what the special day is all about.

An illustration of the Holy Family painted in watercolor and gouache.

A Christmas season greeting card inspired by sitting at home at the fireplace being surrounded by loved ones.
Medium: Watercolor, Micronpen, and text added via Adobe Photoshop.

A Christmas season greeting card inspired by baby Jesus as the Lamb of God, the Eucharist. The text is inspired by a Christmas carol that Cella felt representative of that year (2021).
Medium: Watercolor, Gouache, and text added via Adobe Photoshop.

Season's Greetings! Baby Jesus sleeping soundly in a warmly lit Advent Wreath.
Medium: Watercolor, Micronpen, and type added in Adobe Photoshop.

Traditionally, Baptism is the first Sacrament that welcomes babies, young children, and converts into the Catholic Church. Cella illustrated this greeting card with a baby poking its head out of a Baptismal font with the above text saying "Welcome to the Family!".
Medium: Clip Studio Paint.

Cella's sense of humor comes out again for the feast day of the Assumption, August 15, which celebrates Mary entering heaven. Medium: Ink and edited in Adobe Illustrator.

St. Valentine card 2018 landed the same day as Ash Wednesday so to remind us of our mortality Cella painted St. Valentine’s skull to share with your loved ones.
Medium: Watercolor on aquabord.