Religious Related Work

Our Mother Earth

“Our Mother’s Gentle Kiss.” Watercolor and gouache – created as a mother’s day card.

Blessed Are You Among Women – St. Elisabeth and Mary. Watercolor, gouache.

Greeting card creating for the Feast of the Assumption, August 15.

Sleeping St. Joseph and baby Jesus. The angel that visited Joseph in his dream is holding them in their wings. Watercolor, gouache.

Small watercolor icon of St. Pio.

This is a doodle of Mary – with the Seven Swords (seven sorrows). I am planning to create a graphic illustration digitally of it.

Holy Generations – St. Ann, Mary, Jesus. Watercolor, gouache.

Candlelit Midnight Mass is a beautiful experience. Postcard design. Watercolor.

Our Lady of Guadalupe – done in Clip Studio Paint.

Commissioned thank you card of the mosaic mural on St. Francis International School in Silver Spring, MD. Watercolor, Micronpen.

Mary and Jesus holy card. Watercolor.

The Last Supper. Mixed Media.

St. Ann and Mary, watercolor and gouache.

Illustration of my favorite Holy Family statue. Watercolor postcard.

Saving Sunset. Watercolor postcard.

Our Lady of Sorrows, Mary’s seven sorrows (seven swords of Mary).

St. Joachim and St. Ann (Mary’s parents) greeting card. Watercolor, gouache.