Book Illustration

Chance the Fairy Godmother (original character) design, profile view

Scene from original story of Chance the Fairy Godmother. Watercolor and micronpen.

Cover of an original children’s book. Multimedia.

Astraea’s mom on her planet.

Scene from original story of People Planets. Watercolor and micronpen.

Book concept illustration: Cover and interior examples. Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, Pen.

The Truth About Tiana – a pen illustration of an original story.

Pop-up alphabet book spread. Watercolor, ink, paper engineering.

This is the beginning of my independent study I began last semester – I am making an Alphabet book about me! A is for Austin, my hometown. Done in watercolor and gouache.

A spread for my alphabet book about me. B is for brothers, broken bones, books, brachiasauruses, bananagrams, and bras! Watercolor and micronpen.

H is for the history of my hair, The Hobbit, Haircuts, The Hush Sound, The Harmonica, Hollins… etc. Done in watercolor, gouache, and ink.

Bookspread of Adventures with Big Cats. Watercolor and ink.