Depression and Anxiety At Rest. Gouache, waterolor.

Watercolor portait regarding the Syrian refugee crisis.

Sometimes Smiles Hide in Smirks. Portrait of a friend. Watercolor and Gouache.

Fan art of Frank Castle (the Punisher) from Marvel’s Daredevil. Watercolor, Gouache.

Portrait of a parishoner’s son. Watercolor and gouache.

Watercolor portrait of Fuzzy Feelings.

Pencil sketch for a portrait of fuzzy feelings, bashfulness.

Watercolor, gouache, charcoal portrait.

Small watercolor portrait of brother.

Portrait based on the individual’s occupation. Acrylic.

Final drawing for portrait of my father who worked for NASA.

Padre Pio commission. Ink, Gouache.

Self Portrait. Letting my hair loose in New York City. Watercolor.

Portrait study with some techniques using tape. Watercolor, gouache.